Database of Surviving Books

A database of books looted from Prague, Olomouc, and Mikulov in 1646-1648 with descriptions of the provenances of their original owners

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Interactive map with the current location of the and visualization of the travels of the booty of Czech books through Europe.

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A digital copy of manuscript catalogues taken to Sweden: the Rožmberk and Dietrichstein library catalogue and catalogues from the library of Jakub Konrád Praetorius of Perlenberg

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Journey Through Europe

A visualization of the travels of Czech books through Europe

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Auction of 1765

Auction of Czech books in Strängnäs

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Otto Walde

The commented Czech translation of bohemical chapters from the book by Otto Walde, Storhetstidens litterära krigsbyten. En kultur-historisk-bibliografisk studie, I-II, Uppsala–Stockholm 1916–1920.

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